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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access and sign my e-signature packet (practice documents)?
You will be able to access and sign your e-signature packet via your client portal. Required documents will be listed on your homepage. 

What are the steps required for Bariatric Surgery Candidates?

1. Call our office to schedule your appointment and classes.
2. Set up your Patient Portal (you will be instructed on how to do this when you call) and update your demographics to complete your registration.
3. Visit our website to find the link to your client portal and to access helpful how-to guides. 
4. Fill out any required paperwork and assessments prior to your appointment. 

Can I join the Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Healthy Lifestyle Series if I am not in the Bariatric Program? 

Yes, you can! Over four sessions, we focus on reinforcing motivating factors that keep you on track with your weight loss regardless of which program you are in. We examine components of change and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Overall, the goal is to assist you in creating greater awareness and facilitating a renewed participation in life. This class can be billed to your insurance, and you will be responsible for your copay, or there will be a $30 fee-for-service charge. 

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