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Bariatric Surgery Candidates

Pre-surgical evaluation

First you will meet with Dr. Ouellette for an evaluation session, then you will be scheduled for a feedback & recommendation session at a later date. Prior to your first session, you will be asked to complete a number of screeners and assessments that are needed to complete your evaluation and Dr. Ouellette's report.

Healthy Lifestyle Series:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Change (CBT)

This is a four-session class that satisfies the requirements of some individual's insurance policies. Not everyone is required to take this course, however, we believe that everybody can benefit from it. Over the four sessions, we will focus on reinforcing motivating factors that keep you on track. We will examine components of change and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Overall, the goal is to assist you in creating greater awareness and facilitating a renewed participation in life. 


This class can be billed to your insurance, and you will be responsible for your copay; or there will be a $30 fee-for-service charge. 

For a list of required steps for your registration and appointment process, please refer to the FAQs page. 

Please contact the office at (714) 732-1773 to get scheduled for your Pre-surgical Evaluation and register for your CBT Class. For all other classes, please reference the registration form in the classes and groups tab. 

Post-Surgical Support
We offer a post-surgical support group as well as several classes that are coming soon or in development. See the classes and groups tab for information on these supplemental wellness programs. 

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