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Neuropsychological Testing

Injuries, inherited conditions and brain diseases can affect how people feel and act, and how they process information. Neuropsychological testing can establish the consequences of a person's brain injury or disorder on everyday functioning, including any vocational implications, effect on independent living, and compensation strategies. Dr. Ouellette offers neuropsychological testing to evaluate a broad range of cognitive and behavioral issues resulting from brain dysfunction and central nervous system changes related to stroke, head injury, substance abuse, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Pre-Adoption Evaluations

Individuals or couples who are adopting may need to have a psychological evaluation to assess their emotional stability, and readiness to adopt and parent a child. Pre-adoption evaluations usually consist of a clinical interview and one or more psychological tests that help determine mental health concerns. The clinical interview will be conducted both with the parents together and separately. The interview is a necessary part of the evaluation so that Dr. Ouellette understands your context and story when she interprets test results. This enables her to provide accurate feedback and give recommendations tailored to your needs. Every adoption agency has its own specific procedures surrounding the evaluation. Having worked with multiple agencies Dr. Ouellette has experience in both international and domestic pre-adoption psychological evaluations

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