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Mehak Chopra, BN, FNP
Family Nurse Practitioner

Mehak Copra is a family nurse practitioner. She earned her degree at United States University and has been practicing in mental health since 2020. For Mehak it all comes down to people and the beauty of their lives and their stories. “Mental health is a real thing and I am motivated to help people live their best stories through active listening, working as a partner in care, and medication management when needed.”

Mehak began her career working as a nurse in a hospital setting, where she grew to love supporting the patient experience and helping people navigate complex life situations. After experiencing her own personal loss, she learned that everyone experiences struggle and sometimes needs support from others to get through it.

Mehak wants people to know that mental health struggles are more common than we think, and that you’re not alone if you’re experiencing difficulties with your mental health. She states, “Sometimes the problem in front of us can look really big. I always encourage people to break it down into small steps. If you climb one small ring up a ladder at a time, you will eventually make it to the top. It’s much more daunting to think you have to jump from the ground all the way up.”

Mehak loves spending her free time working out and cooking.

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