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Cynthia Raddatz, M.A.
Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Cynthia Raddatz is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. She is a dedicated and passionate therapist working in the field of mental health for 16 years. Cynthia has a wide range of experience in the field, having worked with diverse populations, including working with first responders’ athletes, entertainers, veterans as well as pre and post operative therapeutic sessions for esthetic purpose.  


She takes a Cognitive Behavioral approach, with a psychodynamic and solution focused theoretical orientation. Cynthia’s goal is to assist individuals with “Science Based Treatment” by increasing their quality of life and acquiring the necessary tools and strategies that will enable them to be the best version of themselves to prevent relapse. Cynthia’s favorite quote is, “Never give up.”


Cynthia has a passion for helping her patients navigate through day-to-day life challenges, and she works well with depression, anxiety, and traumas through science-based treatment. She provides a compassionate and safe space, while taking a directive and individualized approach. Her aim is to establish achievable and maintainable goals with her patients, as well as supporting them on their journey throughout their healing process. When Cynthia is not working, you can find her loving and exercising her 3 dogs and gardening.

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